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富萍 epub 富萍 PDF/EPUB??外表木訥,然而內心自有見解,「帶著一股子鮮豔的鄉氣」的女孩。寫淮海路上海市區,背井離鄉在弄堂做保姆的女人,沒有丈夫可靠,只能倚靠自己。以及蘇北船上人家,移民到上海,扎下根?.

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[Ebook] ➠ 富萍 Author Wang Anyi – Padreramon.co 一九六四年間,上海。明天有什麼事情等著她呢?孫子受過教育,性情溫柔,但是弟妹多,拖累大,偏又個性軟弱,富萍看到的是一個非常麻煩的將來一九六四年間,上海。明天有什麼事情等著她呢?孫子受過教育,性情溫柔,但是弟妹多,拖累大,偏又個性軟弱,富萍看到的是一個非常麻煩的將來。順著這樁婚事的周周折折,小說寫富萍,一?.


PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠

PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ Wang Anyi 王安忆 born in Tong'an in 1954 is a Chinese writer and currently the chairwoman of Writers' Association of Shanghai The daughter of a famous writer and member of the Communist Party Ru Zhijuan茹志鹃 and a father who was denounced as a Rightist when she was three years old Wang Anyi writes that she was born and raised in a thoroughfare Huaihai Road As a result of the Cultural Revo

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  1. Marchpane Marchpane says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUB Fu Ping is a fascinating look at daily life in mid 20th century Shanghai It focuses on the poorer underclasses mostly recent arrivals from the countryside working either as domestic help or eking out a living any way they can in the city’s shantytown

  2. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUBI can’t recommend this because the translation is very distracting numbers with every sentenceIt’s too bad too because I think the topic is interesting A book I ‘do’ recommend highly is Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin It’s an INCREDIBLE moving story But this one needs a serious translation make over

  3. Jantine Jantine says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUBLike Elise I got distracted by all those numbers next to the pages when I started reading To me they were not as disturbing to my reading pleasure as it was to hers though 'Fu Ping' gives a great insight into the lives of women in China's working class during the early years of the People's Republic of China I think it is totally worth readingI received a free copy through Netgalley in return fo

  4. Jite Jite says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUB15 StarsThis is a book I struggled with It’s not that it’s a difficult read I just struggled to understand what it was supposed to be Part anthropological document part c

  5. Juli Rahel Juli Rahel says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUBLiterature is a uniue way of giving you an insight into other people's lives The advice to 'write what you know' may seem trit

  6. Annie Annie says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUBSo many works of historical fiction revolve around the limited roles women had for well most of recorded history In fiction we see women break through these limits to find careers or true love or adventure etc In Wang Anyi’s Fu Ping translated by Howard Goldblatt we are presented with a similar scenario The titular character Fu Ping has traveled to Shanghai from her village after sort of making a deal to marry a young man She doesn’t particularly want to marry him She doesn’t particularly want to marry anyone She would as the Scrivener said “prefer not to” Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review consideration

  7. Rob Rob says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUBA charming portrait into daily life in China during the years following the Revolution which is perhaps surprising in how low key the action is and how relatively unaffected the lives of ordinary people were That will I’m sur

  8. Emi Bevacqua Emi Bevacqua says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUBEssentially many stories about Fu Ping an orphaned servant woman from Yangzhou in Northeast China Much about her confusing relationship with another servant woman named Nainai from Shanghai There are many many characters related to and acuainted with Fu Ping and Nainai detailed and while many of them are interesting and even funny I found myself frustrated as I was trying my best to keep them all ordered in mind for an eventual point in the plot which never came where all would be revealed and explained and come together neatly I would suggest some family org charts to simplify reading Or just read this as if they're separate essays and don't invest yourself heavily in t

  9. Rebecca H. Rebecca H. says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUBFu Ping is a fascinating look at what life was like for working class women in Shanghai in the mid 20th century Fu Ping is a young woman from the countryside who comes to Shanghai to stay with Nainai whose grandson she has agreed to marry But Fu Ping is less agreeable than Nainai expects and she refuses to talk about her future plans and even whether she will marry the grandson at all Nainai—and no one else for that matter—doesn’t know uite what to make of her The novel is digressive full of stories about Nainai

  10. Greg Greg says:

    PDF padreramon.co × 富萍 Epub ↠ 富萍 epub, 富萍 PDF/EPUB I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this book Fu Ping is an orphaned village girl who has been promised in marriage to a young man she has never met She travels to Shanghai to be with the boy's grandmother As she is immersed in the big city and meets people from walks of life she has never encountered Fu Ping grows to be independent and assertive casting doubt on the plans for her futureThe great strength of this novel is how vividly Wang Anyi describes life in the back alleys and shanty towns of Shanghai As Fu Ping encounters the unfamiliar the reader is also taken to places and lifestyles that have mostly passed into history I was particularly impressed with her accounts of the lives of the river folk and

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